Tiny Steps

Dear Tiny Angel,

Two days ago I had one of those defining “Mommy moments”.

One minute, I’m sitting on the kitchen floor living in a moment that is otherwise totally forgettable.

And just like that, the next beautiful moment arrived as one that will be burned in my memory forever –

a squeal, a huge “look at me, Mommy” grin, and three unsteady, stumbling steps into my arms!


As I’ve watched you work diligently for the last two days to master your new skill,

I can’t help but wonder…

I wonder where those little feet will take you.

Will you run the bases, chase a soccer ball, or dance across a stage?

How far will you travel?

Will you see how places far from here can change who you are?

Will you feel how good it is to come home?

I wonder what dreams you will chase and

how long I will have the privilege to watch your journeys.


I watch you in these early days of walking and I hope.

I hope you spin until you’re dizzy as you admire the sky above you.

I hope you will dance until dawn, and walk home

singing much too loudly, arm in arm with true friends.

I hope you will stand up not only for yourself,

but maybe more importantly,

for those who cannot stand for themselves.

I hope when you are scared and worn down, you know you can always run home.

I hope someday you will walk down the aisle to the love of your life,

and walk hand-in-hand with that person for decades to come.

I hope someday your feet are bare because you’ve given your shoes

to someone who needed them more than you did.

I hope you will walk in front of people who need your strength,

behind people who are honorable and worth following,

and beside people who need your compassion and presence.


And don’t think for a second that every mother hasn’t seen the irony in all of this.

Those first precious steps come straight into our loving arms

only so we can encourage you to step farther and farther away.

Hoping you will make your own path and chase your own dreams.

I just hope that someday,

you have developed a deep appreciation for where you come from,

enough confidence to walk far, far from here,

and a desire to come home for a while and tell me all about it.


All my love,