A Long Overdue Thank You

I have been a mother for a little more than  2 years and 9 months.

That’s more than 1,000 nights since I’ve slept soundly without worry for the life of another in my care,

More than 24,000 hours that I’ve wondered if I was doing this whole thing right,

Over 1,400,000 minutes I’ve hoped that I was making you proud of the mother I am becoming,

And  87,000,000 seconds that I’ve been formulating this blog post to attempt a long, overdue thank you.

I bet I still can’t do it justice.

Because 19,468,000 minutes ago, you became a mother.

You looked into your baby’s eyes and made a decision. She would come first. She (and her siblings to follow) would get the very best of you,

the very best from you, the last ounce of energy that you had to offer on any given day.

You would show us what unconditional love really feels like.

You loved us in the presence of our many flaws and in the absence of gratitude.

So, thank you.


Thank you for the sleepless nights as you kept vigil waiting for my fever to break.


Thank you for teaching me to use the potty and blow my nose.

Seriously, I get it. I so get it.

These are the monumental achievements of mothering a two year old.

As a good friend of mine once told me, “If you don’t know Jesus before potty training, you will after.” Amen, sister, Amen!


Thank you for teaching me manners and insisting that I use them.

You were tough and unrelenting, but not without purpose-

Your kids would not be obnoxious or ungrateful. You just weren’t having that sh*@ on your watch.

Thanks for not giving up. Turns out rude people don’t keep jobs, have friends, or enjoy food that their waiter has not spit on.


Thank you for dragging us to church every week.

I know we drove you nuts, embarrassed you, and generally ruined the entire experience for you on a regular basis, but you persevered.

I’m fairly certain that your prayer most Sundays was something along the lines of “Please, Lord, don’t let me kill them today,”

but we’re all still here.

Further proof that God was listening!

More importantly, I thank you for allowing us to grow in our own beliefs,

for letting us veer and come back with new insights, for saying that we have opened your eyes and pushed you in y our journey.


Thank you for trying to make me eat veggies.

Thirty-four years later, most people would have given up.

Your faith in my potential is inspiring 🙂


Thank you for teaching me to laugh at myself.

For some, being stuck in a dress in a fitting room could be a traumatic event that inspired an immediate call to Jenny Craig.

I have never laughed so hard as you peeled me out of it and insisted that something was terribly wrong with



Thank you for instilling in me a strong belief that I am not, in fact, the center of the universe,

(It’s proven to be a rather useful worldview.)

That I’m not too good to offer forgiveness or too perfect to ever need it from another.


Thank you for  being an impeccable judge of character.

Turns out they were “just jealous and not worth my time”, she was “nothing but trouble,” and he was “simply not good enough.”


But these days, as I muddle through my early minutes and hours of being a mom,

I want to thank you for not making it all look effortless.

Thank you for taking pictures with us even when you thought you looked exhausted and far from glamorous.

Thank you for raising your voice and losing your sh*@ at times.

Thank you for occasionally going to the grocery in your sweatpants

(probably more than occasionally, but it’s Mother’s Day. So, I put the “occasionally” in there just for you!)

and for reminding me now when I look back with rose-colored glasses,

that you didn’t have it all figured out either.

You were just stumbling along and giving us the best you had.

I pray I can do the same for my babies.


For all the things that we don’t remember and that you will never forget,


Thank you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you 🙂