This will be over soon…

For the last five months, I’ve had a mantra.

“This will be over soon.”

It seems so basic, but it’s gotten me through the tough moments as I adjust to being a mom of two.

I simply stop and remind myself that in fifteen or twenty minutes the current crisis will be behind us, and everyone will be just fine.

When both babies are screaming simultaneously in public, “This will be over soon.”

When we’re stuck in traffic and no one in the backseat is thrilled about being strapped in a five point harness, “This will be over soon.”

When Little Miss has an accident at the exact moment Little Brother explodes through his fourth outfit of the day, “This will be over soon.”

When I think church is almost over (the longest hour of my week!) and they ask us to sit “for just a few more announcements”, “This will be over soon.”

It usually works like a charm…until last week.

Due to illness and the winter that may never end, we’d been trapped inside for the better part of two weeks. It had been a rough day. My house looked like a bomb had gone off, the phone was ringing off the hook, my to-do list was growing by the minute, no one had been bathed or even gotten dressed for two days, dinner was boiling over on the stove, and the baby was LOSING IT.

I’ll spare you the details. Suffice to say the scene begins with Caroline notifying me of a bit of a bathroom crisis.

As I bend down to help her get her pants off, she loses her balance.

She grabs my head to break her fall.


Thirty minutes later, my husband returns home from work.

I am weeping.

I cannot speak.

The poor guy has very few clues to work with. Both children are still crying. Our daughter is half naked, and there’s that distinct smell of Clorox wipes in the air.

I barely make eye contact when, finally, between sobs, I get out, “Dinner’s ready. I have poo in my hair.”


I had poo in my hair.


I cried in the shower, and suddenly heard myself say, “This will be over soon.”

That night, I tucked my little girl into bed. “Lay with me, Mommy,” she said. We snuggled and giggled.

“This will be over soon,” I thought.

As I rocked my baby boy, he wrapped his tiny hand around my index finger. He drifted off to sleep, smiled, and his pacifier dropped out of his mouth.

“This will be over soon,” I thought.

I don’t know that I’ll ever miss having someone wipe poo in my hair, but

my heart aches every, single day because…

This will be over soon

and I’ll miss it so very much.