Dear Little Love, I will miss us…

Dear Little Love,

In this life, every new beginning comes with an ending of some kind. Beginnings are wonderful, exciting, and magical, but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore the end that is passing. As we start new adventures and begin new journeys, we should take the time to honor what has been,  pause, and grieve what is passing.


In a few short weeks, our home will be filled with more love and joy than ever before. Our love will multiply again  as another amazing soul joins us in this journey and we become a family of four. Your Daddy and I are thrilled to welcome your little brother, and from what I can understand, you’re excited to take him to story time and see if he poops (Oh, I bet he will!)


I want you to know that with this beginning comes an end that I will miss.


I will miss us.


For two sweet years, you have been my little buddy, my sweet girl, my tiny angel. We’ve spent many, many hours together and I’ve never enjoyed anyone’s company more. Your laugh is infectious, your awe and wonder of this world – humbling. I want you to know I have loved every, single minute of our time – just you and me. I have loved story time at the library, trips to the bubbles at the museum, hours on the swings at the park, and gazing at your perfection as I rock you to sleep at night. I have never felt so whole, so complete, so genuinely joyful as I have in my time with you, my love. We’ve been together morning, noon, and night….and late, late night!


I know that all of that will change. The change is joyful, exciting, and wonderful beyond all belief. I know that four can only mean exponentially more love in our home.


It won’t be just you and me in the same way ever again. For that, tonight, I shed a few tears.


I  want you to know that for a moment, I pause. I honor what has been. I mourn for what will be no more.


I will miss us, Little Love. I will miss what has been so very, very perfect…


All my love,