A place to remember…

Sometimes life gest so busy. Sometimes we’re just so “stressed.” Sometimes we lose sight of what matters most.

This is a place for me to document and remember those things that make life so beautiful – the giggles, the love, and the wonder. I am a busy, stay-at-home mom who is infinitely blessed. Sometimes I think I live in a little slice of Heaven. Sometimes I remember to take deep breaths and thank the universe and the Divine for all that I have been given.

But I am merely human and sometimes, I forget. I forget how lucky I am. I forget that there are millions of people in this world that would absolutely kill to live my life. I forget that the little annoying things don’t really matter as much as I think they do. I get “busy” and I forget to STOP and enjoy the giggles, embrace the love, and continue to wonder.

Maybe this will help keep me focused on those three things in my life – giggles, love, and wonder. Maybe, just maybe, a few people will read this occassionally and they’ll get a giggle from my unique perspective, or maybe they’ll giggle a little more about their own crazy life! Perhaps one or two people will join me in a true, authentic celebration of love – all kinds of love (love of children, love of the Divine, love of ice cream, love of sleep!!!) Maybe just celebrating love, will make us all love a little more. I wonder what this tiny, insignificant blog could actually do. I wonder…


One thought on “A place to remember…

  1. Just found your blog!
    I always believed in you, you leave me in awe. Your kindness and compassion are unparrelled. When I judge ( which is too often ) you gently give the other side of the argument for the person or thing I am critizing ( darn you). You make me a better person, I learn from you everyday. When I grow up I want to be just like you.

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